Sitting in the departure lounge at the Leonardo da Vinci airport in Rome she looked like a posh lady.

No one would have guessed what she was about to do.
She had bought the white dress a couple of days earlier in the exclusive shop by the Spanish steps to match her handbag.
She wore a white sun hat with an extra strap.
It should not fall off if there would be a fight.

And she was pretty sure there would be.

She held her handbag tight. It was only a couple of minutes before the departure of flight TWA 840. She had just met her fellow hijacker, Salim, for the first time a couple of hours earlier.
They had first class tickets. The gun hurt her hip. She had taped it inside her panties.

It was August the 29th, 1969 and TWA flight 840 had just taken off.
The destination was Tel Aviv, Israel.
A short while later the woman leaves her seat and threatens the crew with hand grenades and enters the cockpit.
She takes hold of the microphone;

"Ladies and gentlemen, your attentions please, kindly fasten your seat belts. This is your new Captain speaking. The Che Guevara commando unit of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine..."

24 year old Leila Khaled had just completed her first hijacking and at the same time she became the first woman ever to hijack an airplane.